Buying a Car To-Do List How to prepare for buying a used car

Tax returns are arriving, and while you have a nut, it’s a great idea to put it towards a large purchase, like buying a car. At Finn’s Discount Auto, we have a wide range of great cars right now. Before coming in, make sure you’ve done your homework on purchasing a car so that you have a good experience and get the car that’s right for you.

Know What You Want

Are you going to drive for Uber? Then you’ll need a backseat. Do you have a large, or growing family? Then maybe a Mini-Van is your best option. Do you plan on using for hauling. Pick-Up truck is the obvious answer. Take time to evaluate your needs, now and in the future. Aim for a vehicle between those two places. You can also research car prices by checking Kelly Blue BookEdmunds, and NADA Guides.

Features Wish List

Decide what your deal breakers are. Do you have to have four-wheel drive or manual transmission? What about power windows, heated seats, or screens that show you obstacles behind you when backing up. Are you flexible on car colors? Knowing what you want, but can live without will help narrow down your shopping.



Even with a substantial down payment, you will most likely financing to purchase a car. Check your credit score to see if banks will finance you. If not, a Buy Here Pay Here dealership is your best, and probably only option. By making a large down payment, you will save on interest in the long run. As well, with Buy Here Pay Here, you’ll have financing and shopping in the same place.


Ask Questions at the Dealership

Ask your car salesperson about mileage, the engine, gas mileage, maintenance and other pertinent facts about the wear and tear on the vehicle.


Drive Away!

Be sure and maintain your car, insure it, and make sure you make payments in time so that your credit score improves.

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