How To Work With A Used Car Salesperson They Can Be Your Ally

Used car salesmen and women get a bad rap. They’ve been depicted by Hollywood as hustlers and peddlers of lemons who would do anything to make a buck. In the 1990 film Cadillac, Robin Williams plays a used car salesman named Joey O’Brien. He’s pure trouble- and even tries to sell a car to a widow at her husband’s funeral. Nothing is sacred! However, in reality, most car sales people want you to have the best option for your needs. Here are some tips for working with them effectively.

Shop When It’s Not Busy

This means a weekday. If you can get a late lunch hour, go by a dealership then as it won’t be as busy as a weekend and they can spend more time with you.

Find Out What Insurance Will Be

Some cars, like those with a V6 engine, or a Mercedes sedan will cost you more- especially if you have teenagers. Car salespeople should be able to help you navigate not only the most reliable car for your needs, but ones with reasonable car insurance rates.

Test Drive with the Entire Family and Salesperson

If you’ve found a car you like, make sure it’s a comfortable fit for everyone who will be driving, and riding in it. If you have a driveway with a dip, or a steep hill on your commute, be sure and see if the car can clear these. Listen carefully for sounds and ask the salesperson about them.

Do Your Research

Be sure and read Consumer Reports or Auto Trader so you know what a good deal is based on make, model and year as well as mileage.


They enjoy this. Really, they do.

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